Here at Sponsor Me Tape, we strive to bring our customers high quality products that perform at a reasonable price

The Name:

I came up with the name for Sponsor Me Tape from seeing many people commenting on company's posts asking to be sponsored. One day I thought it would be funny if someone sold tape under the name Sponsor Me Tape to bring the fingerboard community back to skateboarding. With the idea that skaters back in the 90's and early 2000's would send in tapes of their best footage, usually entitled "__________ Sponsor Tape." I was surprised that there was no company going by this name so I scooped it. I hope we can serve our customers properly with great grip for their decks!

Backer Bushings:

After more than a year, I had decided I wanted to offer more to the fingerboard community then just grip. I decided bushings was a great way to offer something that I could be proud of. I spent over two months testing and trying out methods to find the best bushings. Backer Bushings are individually made by hand with care so that everyone can have a great set of bushings that can be enjoy by anyone!